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I'm really enjoying my tablet.  It can hold dozens of electronic books; and every day, a visit to these deals is worthwhile:




Each of these links is a great chance to fill up your professional library--such that it goes wherever you go.

Want more?  I've been working on a very intense project, one covering a somewhat obscure technology.  Ok, we all know about the great PDFs published by the Center for Internet Security (cisecurity.org) or NIST (nist.gov), but what about Safari? 

I need information, quickly and in large doses.  A single PDF won't cut it.  Even an eBook isn't enough.  So...

I got a tethering plan for my phone.

Yes indeed!  I can take my tablet to work; and I can access Safari during lunch, allowing me Safari richness, without fearing monitoring might grab my Safari ID and password. 

I'll write more as time permits, but for now, get mobile, get connected, and get Safari.


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