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Are You Sick Yet Well Enough to Know IT?

Is it a cold?  If so, when will it end? 

I haven't felt this sick in two years maybe. It's those deeeeeep coughs that try to evacuate the bronchials. Instead, it's a haspy, raspy cough that doesn't do much.

The situation in Japan is a eye-opener. One of the top nations of the world has deep-seated problems in infrastructure, in the very basics. And this could happen to so many, including U.S. The New Madrid fault? When it has created an earthquake in the past, the course of rivers were recreated. Sure, the San Andreas gets all the press, but it's the New Madrid that can do as much, if not more, damage.

I have people in the Northwest, where the Ring of Fire, inactive Volcanoes, threaten U.S. with more that Mount Saint Helens damage.

Man, am I tired! I've slept and have drunk a lot of fluids. O.J., Diet Coke, water, then sleep, then wake up coughing. Should I have gone to the store yesterday? Probably not. This seems a severe cough.  But who's well enough to point out your wildly inaccurate judgment?

Much of Yellowstone National Park is a super volcano, whose outline required satellite photography to be recognized as such. Remember the St. Helens eruption? First or second? I was there for the second, far less severe eruption. The volcanic dust was an abrasive and could not be kept out with paper-based filters.  One week in that stuff scuffed up my valve rocker assembly as surely as if sanding grit were involved.

Yes, the impacts of even a small eruption are pretty depressing.

Natural or Man-made disasters are never convenient. The only thing that makes them survivable is planning. Promise me, promise yourself, that you will review your What-If plans, for anything.  Start with your plans for getting one of those drippy colds that won't stop, but don't stop there. If flights are grounded because of volcanic dust, what are your remote work plans?

No one wants to think about bad things happening. But trying to cope with them in the middle of the event is even more difficult. What are your plans? Time for another nap.


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