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Are Certifications Worth It?

You scan the available certifications and wonder, "Are They Really Worth the Trouble?"

Some coworkers complain that too many certifications only demonstrate test-taking skills.  Others complain that it's hard to get folks to agree to best practices when so many people are self-taught. 

I have a few certifications.  I worked very hard for them.  I'm thinking of some more.  Will they be worth it?

Aside from the personal feeling of achievement, what compells people to get a specific certification?  Is frequent mention on the job boards a valid reason for a certification?

Do they really help you do your job better?  One cert I have tested me on the interface of the admin tool, a tool that has changed quite a bit.  Was that a valid test?

Do employers reckon you're more promoteable and hireable with a certification?  Do technical certs really pay off or just trap you into midnight support calls, while Gary Goodhair sleeps and dreams of his next Powerpoint presentation, a pollyanna polyglot of positive placement of processes?  What did I just say?  I don't know, but then again, neither does Gary...

There's a lot to consider.  In the space below, discuss your experiences with certifications and with those who have or don't have certs.  Are they worth it?


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