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The current IT application playground is full of sandboxes and all the security goodness they bring. Now that others recognize the security benefits of virtualization, what's next?

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!  Adobe hath brought our lives the joy that using their new sandboxed Adobe reader can bring!  No longer will we watch our systems getting pwned by opening a PDF file!  Gee, if only someone had done this years before!

There's a Virginia start up that is using virtualization as a means to protect your systems.  This is good, but the applications covered seems a tad few in number.  Besides, I need to use older versions of tools, possibly self-coded apps.  What's a guy to do now?

I'm beginning my second review of VMWare's thinapp.  Nope, I get nothing from the company, and I'm using the free trial download.  I'm doing this because they have an interesting take on being able to virtualize (and contain) dozens of Windows applications.

I'll share more info as I discover it.


P.S. Whether Moka5 or other information on the security benefits of virtualization, you've gotten the information early from me.  Respond below with your take on security and virtualization as well as information you want me to research.

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