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Another semester done: Lessons Learned for me

I teach a Visual Basic .Net class at the local university.  Today, I am tired because this was one special class.

Talk about a great class of students!  I assumed teaching duties for this class in '03.  It was VB6, and if the control wasn't a button or textbox, it wasn't worth covering.

Today, it is a .Net class, one with lots of training on the loops, selection statements, and most of the controls.  But in the same way VB NEVER takes a break, I don't either.

Download VB Express 08.  Now.  I've shoveled a lot into the class but 08 has splashscreens and about boxes.  Plus, I really wanted to let the students enjoy snippets.

So I added all this in, and this group delivered on it all.  And I'm tired because I've been stretched.  I did burn some desktop videos, to help students SEE how to use the tools, but ultimately, it was the students' drive to succeed that made the most difference.

Let me know if you'd want to view a few videos some day.  VB is really getting complex, while at the same time, providing nice tools to help package those new abilities into nice templates for use, by the rest of us.


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