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30 tips in 30 days: Tip# 30: how you can help improve C++

By  Dec 25, 2007

Topics: Programming, C/C++

The previous 29 tips have focused on various programming and design techniques. These tips are one of many ways of becoming a better programmer. You can help making C++ a better programming language by contributing to its standardization process.

The numerous articles that I've dedicated to C++09 should give you a fairly good notion of the new look and feel of C++09. However, there are probably many desired features that C++09 will not offer because of the lack of time, resources and -- proposals! Furthermore, some of the current C++09 proposals (particularly the ones that haven't undergone a review) still can benefit from experienced, real-world C++ users who can comment on these proposals, point out defects, typos and ambiguities, or propose improvements. How do you do that? The first way to let your voice be heard is simply contact the author of the proposal. Most of the C++09 proposals include contact information so you can write an email to the author(s) directly. If you find this approach too intrusive, you can post your observations on one of the leading C++ newsgroups such comp.lang.c++. Finally, take advantage of Informit's C++ Reference Guide talkbacks and this very C++ blog. You can post your views, observations and recommendations here. I know that some of the C++ standards committee read the C++ newsletter and Guide regularly, so they will surely come across your comments. I will also be glad to pass your comments on to the right person if I believe it warrants his or her attention.
I would like to thank all of you for contributing your comments to my C++ tips, and of course, for reading my posts. Stay tuned for further updates, opinions and insights!
Finally, I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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