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2012: It's the end of the world and we know it

Time for Traenk's New Year Predictions.

And I feel fine...

I think prediction 1 begins with the general hysteria surrounding the Mayan prediction of the end of the world in 2012.  As Risk Management professionals, we need to start the year by recognizing how this hysteria will be exploited by the hacking community:

  1. EXPECT a lot of emails to be forwarded and received by your organization's users, emails plain dripping with APT attacks and other malware.
  2. EXPECT IDS systems to ring constantly with what seem false alarms.  People will forward emails and surf to sites they shouldn't.  This legit, albeit foolish, behavior will be the perfect diversion for APT activity.
  3. EXPECT plain foolish and freaky behavior as workers panic and decide to try the unthinkable in normal times.  What's it matter if we all expect to see John Cusack flying away in his small plane, over a sinking California that is sliding into the oceans?
Let me make something clear.  I'm not scoffing at any culture's or religion's predictions regarding a possible end of the world.  I'm just attempting to bring the conversation from hyperbole and panic to one of response.

I had seven great years in the insurance industry.  There, we're taught to avoid panic and to prepare for the helps we will provide our policyholders.  At my last count, I've survived some 25 Ends of the World or Total Collapses of our Technical Society. 

I have other predictions, which I'll try to cover in other postings.  For now, whether you discount the EoW predictions or believe them to the fullest is immaterial.  If you are a Risk Management professional, you simply must prepare yourself, and your organization, for the behavior of those who will use the hysteria for their own purposes.


P.S.  The Mayans could predict the end of the world but could not predict their own demise???

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