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2011 06 05: The Weak InSecurity; One in 20 of you readers is a real loser...

How Bad is the Malware problem?  Microsoft has the answers.

A recent InformationWeek article finds that 1 in 20 PCs have malware on them, according to a recent Microsoft study.  Guess what?  We nineteen who manage our systems are fed up with your PC sending up junk email on cheap drugs, fast hook-ups, and notices that we must upgrade our Java JRE.

Yes, that's right, Java is the new attack vector de jure!  Sure, Flash is still a lot of fun opportunity, but Java will do in a pinch.

I'm struggling with all of this.  There are so many antivirus alternative, many free ones, and we still have malware able to do its damage at will.  And now what do we do?

I know many of you, the one-in-twenty with Whatever Security, really don't care.  You're using either ancient Windows or an illegal copy.  In either case, upgrades aren't available to you.  You don't care.  Whether it's the accounts with easy-to-guess passwords or accounts you signed up for but aren't managing, you don't see yourselves as an Internet citizen. 

Come on!  Give the rest of us a break!  Find a way to install something patchable and free or shell out the few bucks for a legit copy.  Talk to Panda or AVG and get your anti-virus on!  Do the world a break.  Avoid causing a war!

The Department of Defense says plainly that cyberattacks may mean war.  The Lockheed attack means no one is playing around.  What's that got to do with you, Mr/Mrs One-in-Twenty with no Info-Security cares?  Your PC is a tool through which others attempt to attack others anonymously.  Your PC and network condition are increasingly, matters of national defense.

Ok, I've slammed you with a lot of information on the problems your lack of security is bringing the world.  Need some good advice on what you must do, possibly a list of improvements to make you can pay someone to implement?  The NSA has an excellent laundry list of improvements to make, on several areas of vulnerability.  It just makes sense.

Tell you what, read the list.  Got Questions?  Record them in the comments section below.


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