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2009 Security Predictions: Part II

It's that time of year to see what security developments and surprises are waiting for us in 2009

The current financial crisis is severe and seems global.  I'm glad the world is concentrating on keeping a potential Depression at bay.  At some point, though, it will be time to see how we got here.

I like to watch MSNBC, primarily, the 'Morning Joe' show.  I forget which commentator brought the topic up, but he was spot-on.  His thesis?  How was it that so many financial institutions had such great books in the years leading up to this year's frank admission of the financial mess?  How did the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation fail us?

Just chatting with people in the security world (and reading lots of blogs and newsletters), one gets the impression that Compliance personnel have been 'cut back' a bit. 

And this is my prediction:  get ready for a stunning number and depth of Accounting regulation.  MSN.com featured a great article on how the bailed out Financial institutions are using bail-out/economic stimulus monies to buy or merge with other banks.  This sort of nonsense is unlikely to be tolerated by US citizens (or by the new government in America). 

I don't think any of us believe bail out money should be used to ensure one bank's name appears on the jerseys of Manchester United football/soccer players.  I'm more a Liverpool man myself and find the news stunning.

This kind of past nonsensical fiscal reporting and present-day waste of funds nearly guarantees that Information Security professionals will find new interest in their truly needed skills.

This is my hope as well as my prediction. 

jt, "There are new devils amongst my Brave Reds..."

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