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Traenk is looking forward to Windows 9:  Here's Why.

I've been reading the articles about the new Windows 9. Have you?

Virtual desktops? More Start button? Tablet AND Desktop integration? Truly?!?!?!

Microsoft has always had a peculiar strength. They perform best under pressure. What would you do if your cash cow product, the Office Suite, were increasingly available for free, thanks to Open Source alternatives? 

You'd rethink the Office Suite Paradigm, that's exactly what you'd do if you're Microsoft. You'd create a Ribbon interface and make it wildly extensible and able to provide most any function in Office to your fingertips. You'd extend the Suite itself, making it the perfect Workgroup Automation tooling suite, steering impatient business professionals towards the easily learned Visual Basic for Applications, pointing the path to Visual Basic and the .Net framework itself. And you'd do that to a Suite once known for its word processor primarily, and in doing so, you've just flipped the script.

I encourage you to read my old Blogs on Windows 9: what we need and what it can be. When challenged, sometimes by its own marketshare loss, Microsoft does some pretty impressive stuff. We'll see; I know I'm hoping.