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Networking for Black Professionals: Nonstop Business Networking That Will Change Your Life, 2nd Edition

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Networking for Black Professionals: Nonstop Business Networking That Will Change Your Life, 2nd Edition


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The first resource specifically focused for the black professional to grow in their career.

  • A "How to" guide to enhance your networking and relationship building skills
  • Teaches how to build from "small steps" to confident networker
  • The most important skills for building a career, getting promoted and becoming a business leader


  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-376012-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-376012-5

You are unique. You have something very special to offer. So do many other people. But you have a secret weapon: this book. It will teach you how to network—and that’s the one skill that can give you near-perfect equality of opportunity.

80% of America’s job openings are never advertised. Networking can help you get those jobs. Employers need to see you as you really are. Networking lets you show them. Networking gives you contacts to get you in the door and advice from people who’ve been there.

As great networkers know, this isn’t about sucking up or being a phony. It’s about being your best self, creating lifelong connections, and building communities of people who help each other.

One step at a time, this book will help you overcome your doubts and fears, and gain all these powerful benefits. It’s authored by three people who’ve been there—including Dr. Renee Thompson, past Officer of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. They’ve done it. You can, too—and it’s the #1 key to your success!

Real answers to the networking questions  black professionals ask

Real solutions to the networking problems  black professionals face

• Why should I spend time networking when I’m already  so busy?

• How do I network when I don’t know anyone “important”?

• How can I work with the contacts I already have?

• Who should I try to meet?

• How do I network when I don’t have much  work experience yet?

• How do I network with someone I might not like?

• What should I talk about? What shouldn’t I talk about?

• What’s the best way to follow up?

• How do I overcome fears about whether I’m good enough?

• Won’t people just judge me based on the color of my skin?

• How do I ask for help without compromising  my self-respect?

• What can I really get out of social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook?

• How do I develop a personal “brand” that works for me?

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

What Is Networking, and Is It Any Different for African Americans Than Anyone Else?

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 1 and Index)

Table of Contents


What You Will Learn from This Book

Chapter 1    What Is Networking, and Is It Any different for African Americans Than Anyone Else?

Chapter 2    How to Network Effectively

Chapter 3    Giving Yourself Permission

Chapter 4    Creating Connections: The People You Will Need in Your Network

Chapter 5    Characteristics of Great Networkers

Chapter 6    When Networking Doesn't Come Easy: Networking for Introverts

Chapter 7    How to Expand Your Network

Chapter 8    Keeping Your Network Alive and Growing

Chapter 9    Networking Etiquette

Chapter 10    Organizing and Keeping Track of Your Network

Chapter 11    Tying It All Together

Chapter 12    Social Media: Focus on Strategy to Support Your Personal Networking



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