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Essential CSS and DHTML for Web Professionals, 2nd Edition

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Essential CSS and DHTML for Web Professionals, 2nd Edition

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 2nd
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-064995-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-064995-9

  • Get results with CSS and DHTML(today!
  • Fully updated with the latest techniques and code samples
  • Learn from real-world examples with downloadable, reusable programming code
  • Specific solutions! e-commerce, search, advertising, quizzes, cross-browser coding, and more
  • Build sites that load faster, look hotter, work better!

Today 95% of all Web users have browsers compatible with Cascading Style Sheets and Dynamic HTML. So now's the time to leverage these technologies to build sites that load faster and work better than ever. In this fully updated best-seller, a world-renowned Web developer helps you master CSS and DHTML—hands-on! You'll use CSS and DHTML to build real-world practice sites that sell products, educate visitors, display ads, present quizzes, and deliver sophisticated interactivity. Plus, the author provides code for handling Netcape 6's quirks. Best of all, the finished sites are on the Web—so you can reuse the code and see exactly how your pages should look and work!

You'll learn all this and much more!

  • Stylesheet fundamentals: <STYLE>, <DIV>, Z-Index stacking, and <SPAN>
  • Adding DHTML-based interactivity
  • Building pop-up search windows
  • Using JavaScript pop-up secondary navigation
  • Building feature splash screens
  • Cross-browser coding: practical solutions, pitfalls to avoid
  • Coding for layer visibility; animating and dragging layers
  • Preparing a storefront for HTML
  • Building and enhancing interactive quizzes

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Raves for the first edition of Essential CSS and DHTML for Web Professionals:

"I'm working through your excellent book on CSS and DHTML and applying it to a JavaScript form-based document of mine. Keep up the good work!"

—Andrew Harrison



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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

What Are CSS and DHTML?

Table of Contents



About the Author.

1. What Are CSS and DHTML?

What Is CSS? What Is DHTML? DHTML vs. Flash. Browser Hell. What You Need to Know Already.

2. CSS (Stylesheets).

Stylesheet Overview. What Classes Can Specify. Where to Set Styles and Classes. Linking to an External Stylesheet. Positioning Layers. Modifying HTML Tags.

3. The DHTML Begins.

Page Structure: The DOM. Cross-Browser Coding. Hiding and Displaying Layers. Full Secondary Navigation. Another Good Way.

4. Animating Layers.

The Task: Slide the Menus Away. Your First Animation.

5. Dragging Layers.

Planning. Dragging Basics. Dragging Code. The Whole Thing.

6. An Interactive Quiz.

The Plan. The HTML. The JavaScript.

7. Super-Size the Shelley Quiz.

The Plan. The HTML. The JavaScript.

Appendix A: CSS Style Attribute Reference.

Box Property Attributes. Color and Background Attributes. Classification Attributes. Font Attributes. Text Attributes. Position Attributes.

Appendix B: Miscellaneous References.

Good Web Resources. External Stylesheets. Positioning Attributes. Measurement Units. Colors.

Appendix C: JavaScript Reference.

Basic Objects. Operators. Control Statements. Global Functions. Statements.

Appendix D: Netscape Navigator 4 and Internet Explorer 4 DOM Reference.

A. Anchors. Applets. Area. Button. Checkbox. Document. Elements. Embeds. Event. FileUpload. Form. Forms. Frames. Hidden. History. Images. Links. Location. Navigator. Option. Password. Radio. Reset. Screen. Select. Submit. Text. Textarea. Window.

Appendix E: Internet Explorer 5+ and Netscape 6 DOM Quick Reference.

All HTML Elements. Specific HTML Tags and Objects.




When I first started learning DHTML, there were two kinds of books on the market: overly simplified, cutesy books that were appropriate for technophobe junior high schoolers, and huge reference tomes that had their own gravity. But nothing really taught me how to build pages for real clients using CSS and DHMTL.

This book will guide you through CSS (also called "style-sheets") and DHTML, using examples and techniques taken straight from my experience as a Web designer and programmer. I'll start off with basic concepts and simple examples and work up to more sophisticated effects and functionality.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for beginning to intermediate Web designers or programmers. You should already know enough HTML to build a simple table and form, and enough JavaScript to create an image rollover. You don't have to be a professional, but some basic Web development skills will make this book's material easier to digest. I'm assuming you want to add a little spark and interaction to your Web pages, as well as find a solid and simple way to control the fonts on your pages.

How This Book Is Laid Out

The first code-heavy chapter covers CSS in all of its useful forms with a myriad of examples. The rest of the chapters focus on DHTML by presenting a real-world task and walking you through it step by step. All of the examples are for one of two fictional companies: Shelley Biotechnologies or Stitch, an online fashion magazine (like every other book in this series).

The exercises and examples are designed to give you a solid, market-ready foundation in DHTML and enough expertise in practical solutions to carry you through 90% of the DHTML projects you'll do. You'll find there's often more than one way to accomplish a feat in DHTML, which is fine—there is no right or wrong in coding.

All of the code, images, and working examples are available for download and viewing on www.wire-man.com/dhtml2 and www.phptr.com/essential.

Special for Second Edition

I am delighted to be able to write a second edition of this book. I've received hundreds of emails from readers of the first edition—some good, some bad. I have implemented many of the suggested changes, and kept the things people liked. I think the book is much stronger for it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line at dhtml2@wire-man.com—I'd love to hear from you.


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