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C# Essentials

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C# Essentials


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  • Based on one of the world's first college courses in C#—Delivers proven pedagogy—reflects the authors' exceptional understanding of how real students learn C#.
    • Anticipates the challenges and misconceptions students will need to overcome in mastering C#. Ex.___

  • Expert authors and college instructors—By two computer science instructors who have co-authored more than 25 programming books.
    • Draws upon the authors' unexcelled expertise in helping students to learn programming. Ex.___

  • Tomorrow's hottest language—Focuses on Microsoft's C#, a language that is rapidly becoming popular amongst programmers, and is at the heart of Microsoft's next-generation .NET initiative.
    • Helps students position themselves for success in the rapidly changing programming marketplace they will face. Ex.___

  • Extensive code examples—Teaches C# hands-on, through practical, working code.
    • Helps students learn by example—the most effective way to learn programming. Ex.___

  • Compares C# with C and C++—Shows what C# has in common with its predecessors, and how it has changed.
    • Helps students who are experienced with C or C++ rapidly apply their expertise to the new C# environment. Ex.___


  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: K
  • Pages: 416
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-093285-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-093285-3

The fastest way to get up to speed with the next "need-to-know" programming language!

  • Get up-to-speed on C# quickly and skillfully
  • Leverage your existing C or C++ skills
  • Covers key language features: control statements, loops, key words, arrays, pointers, and more

C# is a radical departure from C and C++, even though many similar elements remain. In C# Essentials, the creators of one of the world's first C# college courses teach C# through step-by-step code examples that draw on their unique insight into what working developers need to know. Pappas and Murray begin by examining the key features of the C# language—and comparing C# to C and C++. Next, they outline practical programming strategies for making the most of C#; then introduce each key C# concept through complete, step-by-step code examples.

  • Learn how C# draws on the best of C and C++
  • Leverage the full power of Windows using the easy C# graphical interface
  • Get primed on C#'s key language features: control statements, loops, key words, arrays, pointers, and more
  • Understand key concepts through complete working code examples that run in Visual Studio .NET's console mode

If you've worked with C or C++, C# Essentials will help you leverage the skills you've already developed— and if you haven't, it'll teach you C# from scratch. Either way, you'll be writing real .NET applications faster than you ever expected.

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Why C#?

Table of Contents

 1. The Journey to C#.

 2. Unique C#.

 3. Visual Studio.NET and C#.

 4. Important Data, Identifiers and Keywords.

 5. Program Control.

 6. Arrays.

 7. Saying Goodbye to Pointers.

 8. Last Stop Before Objects.

 9. Objects.

10. I/O in C#.

11. Advanced C# Programming Considerations.

12. C# and Windows—Project Design Fundamentals.



This is a book designed for the C or C++ programmer with beginning skills in these languages. The bookUs purpose is to introduce C and C++ programmers to the essential elements of C#. The book carefully examines key features of C#, in the context of C and C++. You will learn how to quickly develop code and discuss programming strategies.

C# Essentials is designed to take programmers quickly, but skillfully, into this new strain of C. You will discover all of the important features of C# explained along with ample sample code. Key concepts, along with complete working code examples, will quickly teach the features programmers, such as yourself, will want to master.

Welcome to a whole new world of programming!


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