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ASP.NET v. 2.0-The Beta Version, 2nd Edition

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ASP.NET v. 2.0-The Beta Version, 2nd Edition

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Fully supported by Microsoft's ASP.NET team, this is an authoritative and practical look at the new version of ASP.NET

° Written by "software legends" and bestselling authors, as well as a key member of Microsoft's ASP.NET team

° ASP.NET is the premier product for developing Web sites, and has gained huge momentum since its release

° Enables programmers to start getting ready for the many big changes coming in ASP.NET 2.0

° Extensive marketing support from the ASP.NET team


  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-25727-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-25727-7

Praise for ASP.NET v. 2.0—The Beta Version

"This fast-paced book looks like an ideal way to jumpstart your ASP.NET 2.0 experience. It has coverage of all of the new bits and had me tapping away at my keyboard in no time."
         —Darren Neimke, Microsoft MVP-ASP.NET

"The new features in ASP.NET 2.0 will amaze and astound you, and these authors have methodically outlined the features with clear and concise examples. An absolute must for your library!"
         —Ronda Pederson, consultant

"These authors take the pain out of getting up to speed on the many new features in the ASP.NET 2.0 beta."
         —Ken Cox, Microsoft MVP-ASP.NET
             and ASP.NET Developer

"A clear and concise, yet thorough, introduction to new and improved features that are set to take the Web development community by storm in ASP.NET 2.0. An excellent resource for any ASP.NET developer."
         —Olga Londer, Microsoft MVP-IIS/CMS
             and Principal Technologist, QA

"ASP.NET 2.0 is not just a minor update. It allows you to create Web applications in an entirely new way. Just reading the chapter on the new membership and security features of ASP.NET 2.0 will make this book worth your while."
         —Douglas Reilly, MVP-ASP.NET
             Access Microsystems Inc.

"There's a large 'wow' factor to this book, which, coupled with the well-worded text and excellent examples, makes you wish the final release wasn't just out of reach."
         —Dan Maharry, .NET Developers Journal

Praise for A First Look at ASP.NET v. 2.0

"I would highly recommend A First Look at ASP.NET v. 2.0 to existing ASP.NET developers. The topic is exciting and the authors did a great job of covering the bases in an enjoyable and easy-to-follow format."
         —Scott Forsyth, Microsoft MVP-ASP/ASP.NET,
             Director of IT, Orcsweb.com

"Those of us lucky enough to attend PDC or have an MSDN universal subscription can access the ASP.NET 2.0 alpha. For the rest of the world with an interest in 'Whidbey,' the next best thing to the actual bits is this book."
         —Scott Cate, Senior Engineer,
             myKB.com Corporation

"I couldn't wait to get my hands on this new title--not only does it open with Scott Guthrie's foreword, but it includes a chapter on caching by Rob Howard and features the exceptional writing talents of Alex Homer and Dave Sussman."
         —Rob Chartier, Microsoft MVP-ASP/ASP.NET

"The authors have worked closely with the ASP.NET team at Microsoft to make sure that this book is authoritative, accurate, and informative. Anyone using ASP.NET will find a wealth of useful info on the next version."

         —Scott Guthrie, Product Unit Manager, Web Platform and Tools Team, Microsoft

In this book, three world-class ASP.NET experts present a start-to-finish, developer-focused preview of Microsoft's latest Web development breakthrough: ASP.NET 2.0.

The first book to fully reflect the new ASP.NET 2.0 Beta, ASP.NET v. 2.0—The Beta Version identifies powerful new best practices for ASP.NET development. It will give you a jumpstart in creating new applications, optimizing their performance, extending them to mobile environments, improving their accessibility, and simplifying their deployment and management.

Drawing on their unsurpassed experience and unfettered access to Microsoft's ASP.NET development team, the authors cover every significant platform enhancement. Using realistic code examples, they illuminate improvements in data access, user-interface development, portals, personalization, security, and many other areas.

Coverage includes:

  • Using ASP.NET 2.0's new Visual Web Developer and administration tools
  • Simplifying database integration with "code-free" data binding and new data source controls
  • Using Master Pages to improve control over application look-and-feel
  • Strengthening security with membership providers, security server controls, cookieless forms authentication, and the new Role Manager
  • Simplifying personalization with ASP.NET 2.0 Themes
  • Building fast, flexible portals with newly improved Web Parts and the new Portal Framework
  • Delivering more effective mobile device support—with less complexity
  • Previewing new controls—including FormView, CreateUserControl, and other innovations absent from earlier ASP.NET 2.0 Technology Previews
  • Leveraging major improvements to existing controls
  • Improving accessibility for disabled site visitors and application users

Currently assessing ASP.NET 2.0? Piloting it? Already building production applications with it? Wherever you stand, wherever you're headed with ASP.NET 2.0, this book will get you there.

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ASP.NET 2.0 Security

New Features and Tools in ASP.NET 2.0

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Table of Contents





1. An Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0.

What's Wrong with ASP.NET 1.x?

New Features.

Compilation and Deployment.

Development Tools.


2. Tools and Architecture.

Visual Studio 2005.

Code Separation.

Dynamic Compilation.

Pre-compilation of Applications.


3. Data Source Controls and Data Binding.

Code-Free Data Binding.

Data Source Controls.


4. The GridView, DetailsView, and FormView Controls.

The GridView Control.

The DetailsView Control.

The FormView Control.

The New and Simplified Data Binding Syntax.

Building Data-Bound Pages with Visual Studio 2005.


5. Master Pages and Navigation.

Master Pages in Detail.



6. Security.


Security Server Controls.

Role Manager.

Cookieless Forms Authentication.

The Web Site Administration Tool.


7. Personalization and Themes.

Storing and Retrieving User Personalization Data.

Anonymous Identification.

Anonymous Personalization.

The Provider Design Pattern.

Writing a Personalization Provider.

Configuring Profile Properties.


8. Web Parts and the Portal Framework.

The ASP.NET 2.0 Portal Framework.

A Simple Web Parts Example Page.

Connecting Web Parts.

Working with Web Parts in Code.

Web Parts and Visual Studio 2005.


9. Pages, Posting, Resources, and Validation.

Cross-Page Posting.


URL Mapping.

Client-Side Script Features.

New Form Capabilities.

Changes to Page Directives.

Changes to Page Headings.

xHTML Compliance.

The Page and Control Life Cycle.

Site and Page Counters.

Resources and Localization.

Web Resources.


10. The New Browser and Mobile Device Controls.

Programming for Different Types of Devices.

The Unified Control and Adapter Architecture.

Summary of the New Controls in ASP.NET 2.0.

The New Controls in Detail.

New Controls within the HtmlControls Namespace.

Controls and Attributes Specific to Mobile Devices.

Mobile Browser Emulators.


11. Enhancements to Existing Controls.

Summary of New Control Features.

Tables of Control Enhancements.

Details of Individual Control Enhancements.


12. Caching.

Enabling Database Cache Invalidation.

Invalidating the ASP.NET Cache.

The SqlCacheDependency Class.

The CacheDependency Class.


13. Configuration and Administration.

Application Configuration Files.

State Management.

The Web Site Administration Tool.

The Management API.

IIS Integration.




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