What Is WordPad?

WordPad is Window's word processing program. With WordPad, you can create documents such as letters, memos, reports, lists, and so on. Although WordPad is a word processor, it is a very basic word processing application. For example, you cannot check your spelling or grammar in WordPad, and there are only a limited number of toolbars and icons to help speed up your work. However, you can create, edit, and format many simple documents with WordPad. Basically, it's fine to use if you don't have another word processor such as Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro, or Corel WordPerfect.

To access WordPad:

  1. From the Desktop, choose the Start button, select Programs, and then Accessories.
  2. Click the WordPad option at the bottom of the Accessories menu. The program appears with a new, untitled document in the window for you to use, as shown in Figure 10.1. A blinking vertical bar, called the insertion point, appears in the upper-left corner of the document area.

    Figure 10.1 Use the WordPad program to create documents.

The WordPad screen contains the following elements:

  • The application name (WordPad) and the document name (the generic name is "Document" until you assign a name by saving the document) in the title bar.
  • The menu bar containing WordPad menus.
  • Two toolbars containing shortcuts for saving and formatting your documents.
  • A ruler that enables you to set tabs and measure margins.
  • The text insertion point, which marks the location of the text you enter.
  • A status bar that offers helpful tips and information about the program.

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