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John  TraenkenschuhWindows 10: Is It Enough?
By John Traenkenschuh August 10, 2015 Comments

Windows 8 was envisioned as a desktop OS capable of fighting the consumers' fling with Tablets. Now that the war is against Tablets AND PC's, can Windows 10 draw consumers to it?

John  TraenkenschuhWell Played, Microsoft, Well Played
By John Traenkenschuh November 23, 2014 Comments

Microsoft has always found support for its platforms by providing an excellent development IDE.  Now, that IDE is free, in most circumstances.

John  TraenkenschuhMore Compelling Windows 9 Features
By John Traenkenschuh August 16, 2013 Comments
Many post little more than harsh criticism of Microsoft's Metro Interface in Windows 8.  Traenk thinks there is a middle path that can get people talking about the powerful Operating System instead of the interface. 

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