Reference Guides

Reference Guides are comprehensive primers on key topics such as C++, .NET, Security, and more. Whether you're just getting up to speed or really want to dig into the quirks of a particular language or application, this is a great place to start!


Microsoft's .NET: Innovative? Yes. Uncomplicated? Not exactly. Jim Mischel covers all things .NET, from the basics of the language to some curious idiosyncracies. If you're stuck on multi-threading, bugged by debugging or wan to write custom attributes, Jim can help. The guide is updated every week so stop by for a look.


C++ is a venerated and reliable language, yet it also incurs certain complexities and ailments such as manual memory management, pointers, unchecked array bounds, and a cryptic declarator syntax. Danny Kalev helps you sort it all out, every week.


Let veteran trainer and exam writer Tim Warner demystify the world of professional certification with background and insight into the most popular certifications available. His experience will guide you through the alphabet soup of exam names and requirements, giving you a boost in your quest to improve your career potential through professional certification.


Steve Haines discusses the gamut of Java and Java-related technologies, from Hibernate to Apache and JFace to JavaFX. Check back every week to see what latest corner of Java Steve has covered.

SQL Server

Buck Woody's SQL Server Reference Guide is your "one-stop shop" into the world of Microsoft's SQL Server, providing you with the information you need to manage and program SQL Server. You'll find hundreds of tutorials here covering multiple versions up to SQL Server 2008. Buck updates the guide every week, so make sure you check in often.