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John  Traenkenschuh

Hide N Seek: A Game I Do Not Want To Play

By John TraenkenschuhOct 10, 2015

New Mac OS X Means New Tricks...

John  Traenkenschuh

Windows 10: All That & A Bag of Chips

By John TraenkenschuhOct 5, 2015

Wow, who abducted our Windows 10 assumptions and left this smooth running and easy-to-use Operating System in their place?

John  Traenkenschuh

Should You Share Your Fitness Information?

By John TraenkenschuhJan 26, 2014

Whether using a Fitbit or Jawbone UP, many are recording their fitness information and sending the changes to the Cloud.  

John  Traenkenschuh

It was 20 years ago today: Data Migration Strategy II

By John TraenkenschuhDec 26, 2013

Is your information ready for the next 20 years?  Traenk gives more information on what you must understand when creating a Data Migration Strategy, something all organizations, businesses, and people must create.

Rachel Bayless

InformIT's 17 Days of Giveaways

By Rachel BaylessJul 3, 2012

Get ready for a month full of giveaways. From July 9 through the end of the month, InformIT will be having 17 days of giveaways. Each week has a theme to make sure that there’s something YOU will be excited to win!

Buck Woody

Careful with those NULLs

By Buck WoodyOct 13, 2010

Many folks (including me) use NULL values in their databases. There's actually a bit of controversy on even having them - but I don't fall on the side of never using the. But you do need to exercise some care...

Buck Woody

The true value of conferences

By Buck WoodyOct 5, 2010

I recently returned from the "SQLBits" conference in York, England. I met a lot of folks that I've seen before at other conferences, but I also met a fair amount that had not been to a SQL Server conference before.

Buck Woody

Finding Big Data

By Buck WoodySep 16, 2010

I get asked from time to time about locating "Big Data" - or large sets of data for an application.

Buck Woody

Databases are the longest-lived component

By Buck WoodySep 9, 2010

Most of you know that I write a technical article each week for the InformIT website - you can see a list of all my articles here. I’ve been writing for that site for – well, a really long time. I have articles all the way back to SQL Server version 7! The question was that we saw a huge uptick for an older SQL Server article there. A question was posed as to whether we should update that article, or remove it since it was on SQL Server 2000. My response? No!

Buck Woody

SQL Server 101 Back to Basics at SQL Bits

By Buck WoodySep 7, 2010

I’m traveling to the United Kingdom (York, England, to be specific) in September, joining Brent Ozar, Brad McGehee, Kevin Kline, Simon Sabin – and a host of other top-notch speakers. They will be covering deep technical topics ranging from server health checks to SANs and Virtualization. So what will I be talking about? SQL Server 101.


Every time I attend a conference like this, I’m amazed at the depth of technical information you can learn about. And for those of us who make a living at SQL Server, they are a great bargain – you get a “knowledge accelerator” that helps you do your job.

Buck Woody

Dealing with Data Defining the Components to Tune

By Buck WoodySep 2, 2010

I've been reading a fascinating article about the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC facility. It's a scientific research facility that houses a particle collider, which generates an incredible amount of data. Their original plan was to stream the data to tape, then sending the data to "islands" closer to the users, offloading the network as quickly as possible. But they found that the network could handle the streaming better than they thought - so they now stream the data directly to the users, saturating the network. It's a new way of thinking about moving the data around.

Buck Woody

Work Swarms

By Buck WoodyAug 24, 2010

I’ve been reading some excerpts from Gartner, Inc. and information from others on the changes they are seeing in the workplace. It’s holding true where I work and in the workplaces of the other data professionals I work with. One of those new trends is called “Swarming” – where informal teams get together to work on a particular project, and in some cases a single task, as a group. They then move on to another task, and so on, like a swarm of bees. These are less formal than the “Tiger Teams” I used to be part of that were also temporary, but had a more formal banding and dis-banding. The Gartner article states that this is more often the norm in companies than not.

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