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Brad Yale

How to Browse the Web Privately Using a Secure SSH SOCKS Tunnel

By Brad YaleJan 16, 2015

There are times when you want to browse the web but you want to do it privately, without being traced. Sure, you could go ahead and utilize the incognito feature built into most major web browsers however to truly browse in anonymity, there is nothing better than utilizing a secure SSH SOCKS Tunnel. In this quick "how-to", we are going to show you how to set up a secure SSH Socks Tunnel enabling you to route all your web traffic through your host.  

Brad Yale

Bits of Data: How Amorphous is the Cloud?

By Brad YaleJun 23, 2014

The Cloud means many things to many people. Whether working from the assumption that utilizing the Cloud has become second hat or working from the assumption that the Cloud is still opaque to the majority of consumers, one peculiar aspect rings through: Cloud Computing is everything and nothing to many. So we ask, how amorphous is the Cloud?

Jamie Shoup

Gifts for Your Geek - Recommended Holiday Learning

By Jamie ShoupDec 3, 2013

Holiday shopping can be difficult when trying to find something for those high-level techie-types. Gadgets go out of style and it’s hard to know if a specific technology syncs up with what they currently have --- one gift that keeps on giving is learning.

Jamie Shoup

VMworld Barcelona - VMware Announcements & Bestsellers

By Jamie ShoupOct 22, 2013

Lucky enough to go to Barcelona? Me either. Apparently here is what we missed...

Jamie Shoup

Three New Author Webinars Announced for October

By Jamie ShoupOct 3, 2013

The Cisco Press Author Webinar Series continues on the Cisco Learning Network, as three sets of authors embark on featured learning events during the month of October.

Mark your calendar and make sure to attend the below events, as Cisco Press will have special offers for those in attendance!  Five review copies of the author's recent products will also be given away during the events. Each even will be archived as well for future viewing.

Jamie Shoup

You Know You Are A Networker When…

By Jamie ShoupSep 13, 2013

Whether you're a network specialist in-training, or a seasoned professional - these little tidbits might ring true. 

Jamie Shoup

10 Rookie Mistakes Network Admins Make

By Jamie ShoupAug 19, 2013

Being new on the job is tough enough without adding mistakes – be sure to check your work and don’t do any of these 10 Rookie mistakes!

Rachel Bayless

InformIT's 17 Days of Giveaways

By Rachel BaylessJul 3, 2012

Get ready for a month full of giveaways. From July 9 through the end of the month, InformIT will be having 17 days of giveaways. Each week has a theme to make sure that there’s something YOU will be excited to win!

Rachel Bayless

#TuesdayTrivia: The World's Top-Selling Telecom Guide - The Essential Guide to Telecommunications

By Rachel BaylessJun 26, 2012

Telecommunications has come a long way over the years. Annabel Z. Dodd demystifies the current trends and technologies that are important to you - from cloud services to social networks, mobile video to telepresence.

John  Traenkenschuh

Are You An ISP or Phone Carrier?

By John TraenkenschuhMar 26, 2011

After installing an Android update to his phone, Traenk wonders aloud what p2p really means.

John  Traenkenschuh

There are no secrets III

By John TraenkenschuhNov 20, 2010

In IT many assume our settings are secret, but each tool shrieks announcements that hackers can hear...

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