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John  Traenkenschuh

Hide N Seek: A Game I Do Not Want To Play

By John TraenkenschuhOct 10, 2015

New Mac OS X Means New Tricks...

John  Traenkenschuh

Windows 10: All That & A Bag of Chips

By John TraenkenschuhOct 5, 2015

Wow, who abducted our Windows 10 assumptions and left this smooth running and easy-to-use Operating System in their place?

John  Traenkenschuh

I Have Windows 10: Now What?

By John TraenkenschuhAug 4, 2015

Do you have Windows 10?  What do you think of it? Is the Desktop metaphor dead? Have you found a machine that is tablet and laptop enough to be fun and productive?

John  Traenkenschuh

Windows 9 When?

By John TraenkenschuhSep 1, 2014

Traenk is looking forward to Windows 9:  Here's Why.

John  Traenkenschuh

Gone with the passwords

By John TraenkenschuhJun 22, 2014

How much can Digital Cryptography do?

John  Traenkenschuh

Windows 9 Final Ideas

By John TraenkenschuhSep 11, 2013

So many principles introduced in these Windows 9 blogs now appear in Windows and Surface advertising.  We are not alone, we Windows users who want Microsoft to take Windows to the next level...

John  Traenkenschuh

I'm done playing; can I have my real computer back?

By John TraenkenschuhAug 9, 2013

Tablet, schmablet.  It's time to have a real computer available...

John  Traenkenschuh

Warm Kindling

By John TraenkenschuhDec 27, 2012

What? Traenk buys a Kindle? 

John  Traenkenschuh

Security Street Smarts

By John TraenkenschuhDec 3, 2012

Online banking, shopping from your armchair, and computer-initiated loans are leaving people more vulnerable to theft.  Traenk discloses a new series in this blog.

Rachel Bayless

Day 13 of #17DaysofGiveaways Mobile Programming Week

By Rachel BaylessJul 25, 2012

Today is Day 13 of InformIT’s 17 Days of Giveaways. Three winners today will receive an Android Wireless Application Development Volume I: Android Essentials, Third Edition eBook by Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder.

Rachel Bayless

Day 11 of #17DaysofGiveaways - Mobile Programming Week

By Rachel BaylessJul 23, 2012

Welcome to Week Three of 17 Days of Giveaways. Our three winners today will each receive an eBook of PhoneGap Essentials: Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps written by John M. Wargo.

Rachel Bayless

Day 1 of #17DaysofGiveaways - Web Development Week

By Rachel BaylessJul 9, 2012

Welcome to the first of 17 Days of Giveaways from InformIT. This week’s theme is Web Development. Our kickoff giveaway is an eBook copy of Core HTML5 Canvas by David Geary.

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