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John  Traenkenschuh

Hide N Seek: A Game I Do Not Want To Play

By John TraenkenschuhOct 10, 2015

New Mac OS X Means New Tricks...

John  Traenkenschuh

Windows 10: All That & A Bag of Chips

By John TraenkenschuhOct 5, 2015

Wow, who abducted our Windows 10 assumptions and left this smooth running and easy-to-use Operating System in their place?

John  Traenkenschuh

Compelling Windows 9 features

By John TraenkenschuhAug 12, 2013

Traenk is tired of everyone else diagnosing Windows 8 problems and remedies.  It's time to envision a new Windows strategy and feature set that embraces everything Windows has been and what it can be.  Because this lofty a thesis takes so many words, stayed tuned to this Blog channel for follow-on pieces.  Extra points will be given to the best comments and retorts offered by you, the Readers...

John  Traenkenschuh

Java--Then and Now

By John TraenkenschuhJun 21, 2013

Traenk muses over security features versus security readiness...

Rachel Bayless

InformIT's 17 Days of Giveaways

By Rachel BaylessJul 3, 2012

Get ready for a month full of giveaways. From July 9 through the end of the month, InformIT will be having 17 days of giveaways. Each week has a theme to make sure that there’s something YOU will be excited to win!

John  Traenkenschuh

Time to change the old worn out artifacts of your online Life...

By John TraenkenschuhMay 12, 2011

Passwords are like toothbrushes:  they mustn't be shared easily, too widely; kept in circulation too long; or made easily accessible to outsiders.

John  Traenkenschuh

There are no secrets II

By John TraenkenschuhOct 30, 2010

After the discussion on client configurations betraying your infrastructure choices, my talk with Sim Pul Simon (my corrected spelling) turned to other server examples.

Emily Nave

Community Tips: Use Community Megaphone to Promote Developer Events

By Emily NaveOct 27, 2010

Planning a User Group or community gathering for developers? Community Megaphone, built by Microsoft Developer Evangelist G. Andrew Duthie aka @devhammer, provides a simple way to share and discover all kinds of events relating to software development.

John  Traenkenschuh

Steps You Might Take to Keep Your Laptop Running

By John TraenkenschuhMar 3, 2010

It's an old HP tx1000 to you, but to me, it's a cool machine that's worthy of a second life.

John  Traenkenschuh

Learn Silverlight during Lunch

By John TraenkenschuhOct 12, 2008

There's a lot of new technology to learn.  What's Microsoft doing for you, the technology innovator who's got lots of learning but way too little time???

Accessible Flash

By Michael GalpinSep 22, 2008

The next-to-last chapter of Don't Make Me Think is about accessibility. This is one of the most misunderstood topics in web development, so I was please to see it tackled in this book. The material is a little thin, but makes some good points.


By Michael GalpinSep 22, 2008

If there is one chapter from Don't Make Me Think that I would recommend for everyone involved in making websites, it Chapter 10 "Usability As Common Courtesy." This is all about the things your site can do that is good or bad in the eyes of users. This is definitely a chapter you will read and find yourself nodding your head a lot. Hopefully you won't find yourself cringing because you realize that your site doesn't always Do The Right Thing.

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