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iPad Accessories Bought Dirt Cheap

Where  Is the best place to  buy iPad accessories?  Probably where you least expect to find them maybe...  All treat && no tricks.

Like the rest of humanity, I purchased an iPad--an iPad2 to be precise.  This makes me twice as cool as you mere iPad-toting losers.  You know who you are; you who check the crowd before displaying last year's gadgetry hesitantly...

You  know who you are....  The guy with the sliderule, cassette deck, and the boat shoes...

Anyway, I wanted a bluetooth keyboard for my new toy, maybe type a blog during lunch.  Where to go?  $60+ bucks seems a lot!!!

AND THERE IT WAS, staring me in the face, at the local home-improvement center...  A case, a keyboard, a $40 purchase.


The iPad is one of those key enabling technologies whose rapid adoption rate makes it a must-have.  Used iPad-1s still fetch close to their original cost, atypical of most electronics.  I think we'll look back at our iPad purchases with the same fondness our grandparent's remembered their first radio or first air conditioner...  Remember your first Apple ][e?  I still have one--dual floppies, oh yeah!

Menards.  Nice old-tech gear like screwdrivers--and iPad cases.  (No, I get and want nothing from Menards for mentioning their name.)  Evidently, iPad adoption rates make tablets an almost commodity?