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Ten Reasons I ADORE My NOOKcolor

I used to be one of those people who swore up and down they’d never get an eReader. I like the feel of the paper, I would say. I just don’t think I could feel comfortable reading from a screen. Once the NOOKcolor made its debut, I was all over it like a fly…ok, well, I was all over it. I literally cried when my family bought me one for the holidays this year. Here are the top ten reasons I love my eReader:


10. It just looks cool. Every time I have my NOOKcolor out, someone wants to have a look, test out the color and act impressed.


9. I can get a ton of books from the library. Yep, I even just read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, courtesy of my local library, without spending a dime.


8. The Lend-Me app. Although the number of lendable books has shrunken even since I got my NOOKcolor, it’s still a nice perk. I’ve used it several times, both to lend and borrow books from other Nook owners.


7. If I’m reading a book and come across a word I don’t know, I can easily look up its meaning. I didn’t think I’d use this feature much, but as it turns out, I use it constantly (that’s not saying much about my level of intelligence, I suppose).


6. The children’s books. If you have kids, you know they’ll really love reading a book with you from a gadget. The full-color, interactive nature of the kids’ books available for the NOOK is top-notch.


5. The portability. I’ve traveled a few times since I got my NOOKcolor. Not only can I bring a bunch of books with me (as you can with any of the other dedicated eReaders), but I could also bring all of my magazines and kids’ interactive, color-based books. It’s a one stop shop. A must for a long airplane ride with the little ones.


4. The ease of getting a new book to read. Ok, maybe this makes me spend a little more money on books, but I’m finding that I’m reading more than ever and hardly rotting my brain in front of the TV at all. That has to be worth a few bucks, right?


3. The magazines, the magazines. Did I mention the magazines? I used to have magazines stacked up all over my house. I felt like I couldn’t get rid of them if there was a single article amidst the 250+ pages. Now I can read a clean, crisp, color version of nearly all of my newsstand faves, at a fraction of the price. I can cancel my subscription at any time, get free trials of just about any magazine, and turn my Nook to the side or enlarge the picture on the screen to get a close up of a photo. I have an easy, no-mess way to store all the magazines I want without the clutter.


2. The price. The NOOKcolor is pricier than the other popular dedicated eReaders, but in my opinion, it has so much more to offer. It’s worth the price difference to get the color images and all of the other nifty stuff, which brings me to my number one item on the list.


1. The new Android-based Apps, Flash, and other goodies that just became available through Barnes & Noble. There are already 125 apps and games available, including the ever-popular Angry Birds game. This puts the NOOKcolor in a whole new arena, in my opinion, and just about the least expensive Netbook-type device out there.


If you’re new to the NOOKcolor, check out our awesome, selling like hotcakes book, NOOK Book, The: Everything you need to know for the NOOK, NOOKcolor, and NOOKstudy



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