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eBay's saga has come to its happy end

By  Dec 31, 2007

Topics: Software Security, Security

Three months ago, I reported here how I'd lost hundreds of dollars on eBay to two unscrupulous crooks. This grim and wearying saga has finally ended: Paypal issued a full refund of $375 on December 28th.

Paypal didn't send an email explaining their decision -- I only saw a "balance adjustment" on this amount. However, I take it that the UK Financial Ombudsman Service's intervention is what made them change their previous ruling.

Seemingly, this is a happy end. However, the past three months have taught me how dangerous eBay is and how indifferent and negligent Paypal are when it comes to complaints of innocent buyers. I've learned my lesson well: I'm not going to purchase anything on eBay except for low valued items (up to a $10).

That said, I have very positive comments about the Financial Ombudsman Service. They were very fast to react, most efficient and effective. At least one positive experience has been witnesses throughout this ordeal!

With $375 in my balance, celebrating the New Year will be a tad easier...Happy 2008!

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