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Windows XP Network Recovery

By  Dec 16, 2007


As with many of our readers, I tend to find myself called upon to fix computers for those I know. While most of these are 10 minute fixes, there are several that really confuse me! So, in this case, a case of a network stack that would not work, I went searching for an answer...and I found it.

The problem was that a friends laptop would not connect to anything unless the IP settings were manually entered - and that only got them local network access.

What to do? Well, I removed the AV and firewall software. I disabled everything in msconfig. I uninstalled possible conflicting software. But nothing worked!

So, I searched and found WinSock XP Fix.

I installed this program and reset all the Winsock settings and the problem went away.

This post is both a thanks and a recommendation/suggestion for all those who end up in the same situation.

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