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So many principles introduced in these Windows 9 blogs now appear in Windows and Surface advertising.  We are not alone, we Windows users who want Microsoft to take Windows to the next level...

Did I know I can play Halo on the Surface tablet?  No, but I welcome this news gladly.  It is nice to know Microsoft will bridge the gap between tablet and PC with their work.

I also found out that my business apps, those reasons that drive my computer purchases, may have a home on Surface as well as the Windows computer.  In short, I think Microsoft is aware of the gaps between tablet and PC use and just may want to mend them.

And all of this is good.  I would welcome a tablet price point that allows people to use a simple tablet, one with a simple and secure Operating System image needing fewer updates.  I would also welcome a high end Personal Computer that would give power users the mobile and desktop interfaces running well.

I force myself to use my Nook and Kindle tablets.  Need a quick check of the weather?  Tablet.  Want to watch a video podcast on more than a smartphone?  Tablet.  And if we can get Windows 9 to simplify the 'hibernate' versus 'sleep' mode and simply start quickly, well then, the tablet does what?

I still have my Zune, and I still use it.  Microsoft has some neat hardware designs.  If they designed their take on Ultrabooks or high-end hardware of that quality, I think I'd have the rough parity with anything Apple provides and more. 

So Microsoft, how about it?  Everyone agrees that consumer computing and tablets go together like peas and carrots.  Everyone is also aware that no company does as much for Corporate computing.  Your Surface analysis is spot on and shows an understanding of what enhancements tablets need to be Corporate friendlier. 

So why force so many into an icon-tile-driven interface few are embracing?  Why make the construct OR when it can be an AND?  Make Windows the unifying operating system that gives us options.