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Winamp Remote

If you have a music library over 10gig, it can get annoying constantly juggling the files around from device to device. New songs have to be uploaded to my iPod, USB stick, etc. Well, NO MORE. Winamp just released a Beta of an awesome idea. You can now store your data in one location and listen to it from any device with a browser no matter where you are.

The solution is called Winamp Remote. You just install the listener on your computer and create an account. Then configure the listener to point to your Music dump. Finally, open up https://winamp.orb.com/orb/html/login.html to view your music Winamp style. 

Once you click on a song, Winamp delivers the music in the right format to your device! My Touch Dual is streaming music from my PC even as I speak...gonna put that data plan to good use!

I can't wait to see what kind of security issues this brings about...

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