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WarGames - Redux

Many people in the security field have fond memories of the movie WarGames. This movie not only highlighted the value of war-dialing, but also went on to influence the term war-driving. Well, it has been years (decades?) since I have watched this film and my perspective on all things comsec has changed...

The first thing that impacted me is that NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN 20 YEARS! In case you never saw the film or don't remember, the initial vulnerability was the password taped to a desk. The next major problem was a backdoor password 'Joshua', which was the programmers son's name. Once this password was entered, full root access was granted. Hmm...is it me, or does it seem really scary that these problems still apply today.

Second, and perhaps this is really first, but the kid who hacked the government first altered his grade. Hmm...again, this is happening all around us...the only difference is that more kids are getting caught.

Third, and perhaps really the most significant, the 'hacker' really didn't do anything all that l33t. I mean, he just did a little war-dialing and got lucky. Has anything really changed? Just thing of all the l33t hacks that have been occurring around the world. While a bit more advanced, they are basically just scanners getting lucky.

All I can say is, I hope the government has secured their systems a bit more!!! Unfortunately, I find myself wondering....

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