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Using Consultants

By  May 19, 2008

Topics: Data

From time to time you need help with a project. Perhaps you need more staff for a short period of time, or more often you're taking on a new task that you've never done before.

You might want to consider using a consulant or a consulting firm. I've done this, and I've had both good and very bad experiences. On the good side, a consultant can help you with exactly what you need. On the bad side, you can end up paying a lot of money for bad results.

Here's the advice I can give: get references - lots of them. And not just from the consultants. Do a web search on the firm and find out where they've worked before. Buy someone in one of those firms a cup of coffee and find out the scoop - before you bring them on. It's the best 2 bucks you'll ever spend.

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