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Time to Start Looking...

Traenk returns to some true love work--teaching and learning and VB...

I work with a clever, ambitious crowd.  We need a solution, an automated solution for Windows management. It's a bit of scripting and a bit of nice ease-of-use. This is a job for Super-VB...

Visual Basic makes the impossible possible while empowering those with minimal programming experience. Need comprehensive online Help? YUP! Need many, many examples? YUP! Need to create an equally easy User website and personal app, using common code in many cases? YUP!  What you need, it's got.

And where will I get my catch up learning materials?  Here!  InformIT.  I'm giving two wildcats, two coworkers a fast track VB experience.  .Net'tin' it in style.  Sure, they can get whatever stuff they want, but if you ask me about how I conquered PERL in hours, I'll answer with Laura LeMay and the "Learn X in X days/hours" format, a format that continues to be my go-to format for quickly excelling at a new language.

But enough about me.  Which programming resources on this site do YOU recommend?  What content are you looking for?  C# or VB or both--what's your strategy?  Leave your ideas and your best suggestions here, especially if you're like me--motivated, eager to learn, and incapable of failure.


P.S.  OK, maybe a little failure, now and then, but no failure cause by lack of planning and insufficient learning materials.  

P. P. S.  Foxall's ebook (http://http://www.informit.com/store/visual-basic-2015-in-24-hours-sams-teach-yourself-9780134191843) is $25 and change.  Great writer without the cute-sy tone that infects others.  Done!

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