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The variety of the DBA job

By  Dec 28, 2007

Topics: Data

I've read a couple of articles lately from two different sources. One had to do with a DBA at the research center at the South Pole, and the other was about the DBA's at the Denver International Airport.

The things that struck me about both environments, even though they couldn't be any different, were the similarities in the job. I was in the Air Force for many years, and even though I was stationed at bases from Europe to the Aluetian islands, I saw the same thing - true, there were plenty of small changes, but the basic job was the same.

So that got me to thinking about what the similarities are in the DBA role. We always have to think about backups, security, and recovery. We need to consider performance and monitoring. It's just part of the job we do each day, no matter where we are.

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