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The price of a successful security plan

By  Mar 17, 2008

Topics: Information Technology, Security

So, lets say your job is to prevent policy violations at ACME. While you do this, you get bonuses for each person you catch. So, you install a monitoring system to catch people in the act. At first your software catches hundreds of people and the bonuses are HUGE, but then everyone at ACME realizes you mean business and they just STOP violating policies, which means no more bonuses...what do you do?

Well, if this sounds far fetched, you might want to take a look at how Dallas dealt with a similar situation.

Instead of computer policies, they wanted to enforce driving policies. To do this, they installed red light monitoring solutions that auto-ticketed violators. The public quickly caught on and stopped running red lights, but that ended up drying the extra loot that was coming in as a result of the monitoring cameras. So, instead of a surplus, the cameras started to cost the county money.

Remove the cameras of course. Better to let people screw up and catch them so they can make money than to actually change human behavior for the better!

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