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As the need more more pervasive, more secure embedded designs grows, JT offers a series of blogs on the embedded world

In earlier blogs I began directing readings to begin seeing the growing use of computing power in small packages and new and unusual places.  My washer?  Controlled by circuits and not mechanical controllers.  It weighs the clothing to determine the water levels and allows usto denote special settings with neat, selectable titles like 'towels'.

Expect more of this.  IP version 6 has wildly increased address space.  This space will allow your world goods, and not just you, an IP address.  So why is this being facillitated?

There is tremendous competition to produce the best quality goods and services in the world.  Part of that effort is the relaying of alerts from the goods to the maintenance specialists and the downloading of patches.

Huh?  Those are typical PC operations, right?

Yes they are.

So what's this mean to we security experts, charged with securing large organizations?  Our security knowledge and services must be extended to some pretty unusual products with equally unusual connectivity needs. 

In this series of blogs, we'll consider many aspects of embedded devices and their security challenges.  Perhaps some of you will realize the need for secure development for these devices and will create new markets?  Here's hoping!


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