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The Symantec Virus That Eats Computers

As with many of you, I am tasked with fixing the computers of friends and family members. No biggie. I enjoy helping people out. As a result, I get to see what the normal user gets to deal with on a regular basis. The most common problem? AV software. Yep. And for an example of why, just click through...

In this case, the guilty party is Symantec. If you happened to be running Cybersitter and updated your Symantec definition file, your AV software would have deleted parts and pieces of this software off your system leaving it useless. Actual results vary, but they range from no internet connection to rendering your computer unusable.

According to Solid Oak, the vendor of Cybersitter, Symantec is doing little to help. I can only sympathize with the frustration they must be feeling...

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