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The Score Thus Far: VUE 1, Prometric 0

By  May 13, 2008

Topics: Certification

This morning, I witnessed an IT certification exam candidate get turned away from our testing center because of yet another glitch with the Thomson Prometric exam delivery application. This scene broke my heart; the spurned candidate was none too happy either, I assure you.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I make no apology for my strongly held opinion that, at least as far as I am professionally concerned, Pearson VUE is a much nicer, much more reliable exam delivery company than is its only competitor, Thomson Prometric.

Let us consider the issue of candidate materials in the exam room.

VUE allows their registered exam centers to offer testing candidates honest-to-goodness 8.5 x 11-inch scratch paper and pencils/pens.

By contrast, Prometric requires that all of their testing centers lend their candidates only dry-erase boards. Yuk.

Let me tell you from where my 'Yuk" exhortation originates: Dollars to donuts, the dry erase board that you will be given has been written on and erased so many times as to leave a permanent discoloration (let's call it a smudge) that makes it extraordinarily difficult to use in practice.

Couple the smeared dry-erase boards with an almost dry dry-erase pen, and you have yourself one frustrated exam candidate. This candidate materials approach is especially problematic for certification exams that lend themselves to detailed schematic diagrams or (the horrors!) mathematics. Not cool.

Trust me, I'm keepin' score. Thus far the tally stands at Pearson VUE 1, Thomson Prometric 0.

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