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The Laid Off IT Guy! New Opportunities Appear

I was contemplating a contract position with one of my recruiters when I got a phone call about a full-time gig.  I’d apparently responded to a blind ad and didn’t recognize the name of the company that was calling.  Once I got it straightened out I realized that I had applied with this company and they were interested in interviewing me, a welcome blessing.

At various times of my almost 8 month job search I’ve considered taking part-time or short-term contract work.  I’ve held out thus far in trying to keep myself available for permanent full-time work.  This time it was for a toy distribution company.  As I’d worked on the serious financial side of computing my entire career, an industry change in the toy business sounded like a sigh of relief at the time.

I completed my rounds of interviews and, as usual, expected that I’d had a terrific series of interviews and would be offered the job. They actually told me that I was disqualified because I didn’t have their industry experience.

Can you believe that?  They knew that when they first saw my resume.  I’ve got all of these great transferrable skills that I can take with me to any industry, and can learn any unique industry-specific applications quickly, but they didn’t give me a chance to find out.

Contract positions become more attractive the longer I search.

Best of luck to you on your job search.  As always, feel free to post a comment to our readers when you have something to share.

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!