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The Laid Off IT Guy! Kids Back in School

After Meet the Teacher Night last week, our kids returned to the classroom this week.  This summer has been more different than any other because I have been home all day.  I have to say that the best part of my experience being unemployed is that I got to be home to play with my kids all summer.

Reconnecting with my kids has been of tremendous value.  I worked so much at my last job that I used to get home after dinner time.  During busy parts of the year they’d be in bed when I got home.  My family got accustomed to that, and I don’t wish for those days to return.

My kids went to mom for everything.  They had to depend upon her because I wasn’t around.  Suddenly, I was there when they needed me.  I’ve enjoyed being a “go to” resource for my children’s needs and sharing the responsibilities with my wife. 

We had a lot of time to play together, and we did.  We went camping, to the beach, and took hikes, trips and walks.  Sure, we got plenty of video gaming in, as well.  Most importantly, we got quality time together.

So, now I’m bummed that our kids are going back to school.  They’ve become my friends and I miss them while they are away.  The best part of my day now is when they return home for our reunion.  It is great to be standing on the door step when they get off the bus and run to me with a big hug! 

Keep family first and you’ll never go wrong!  Send me a comment if you can relate.

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!

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