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The Laid Off IT Guy! Job Boards

If you’ve been following my blog since its inception 2 months ago, you see a big theme among my stories about how to network effectively.  While I feel that I’ve been doing that, the fact is that I’m still looking for my next gig.  When I needed more job search exposure I turned to the job boards.

Maybe the smart thing to have done from the beginning is load my resume on sites like Monster, Hot Jobs, CareerBuilder and Dice.  I’d heard about all of the negative things that happen to job seekers -- offers for sales, insurance, leasing agents, franchise opportunities, etc.  Some people and companies prey on new job hunters, hoping that they’ll find some desperate jobless folks that will try to work on a commission-only basis, or something like that.

Hearing those types of stories I’d shied away from the job boards.  Alas, I needed more exposure and activity in my job search efforts, so reluctantly I posted my resume on CareerBuilder and Dice.  Sure enough, I’m getting those types of offers and more.  It is sometimes hard to tell legitimate interest from cunning offers.  I responded to one from a local company that was a brand that I trusted.  They claimed that they’d reviewed my resume and wanted me to interview with the local branch manager.  It listed the name and phone number and I fell for it.  It was an insurance sales job that they were looking for.  They finally admitted that they didn’t have any IT positions for me.

When I was on the other end of this equation, I used our employer account on Monster and CareerBuilder and handpicked the candidates I wanted to interview, instead of posting an ad and getting a hundred non-qualified folks.  So, I’m giving it a try, hoping that there are employers that have legitimate IT jobs that are conducting accurate keyword searches to find me as a candidate.

While that is an additional means of conducting my job search, I’m still trying to network and talk to people that might know someone that has a job.  I think that is more likely than someone finding me.

Let me hear from you.  I’d love to hear if your resume on a Job Board lead to your current position and how your experience with them was. Please post your comments to share with me and our readers!