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The Laid Off IT Guy! I'm Back!

The Laid Off IT Guy! is back!  I started this blog back in the spring of 2009 and posted 68 blogs, documenting the trials and tribulations of my first time being laid off.  It did take me over a year to find my next role and I did lots of stuff wrong, but, eventually, I did get back to work. Yet just over 2 years later I find myself on the job hunt once again.  I thought it’d be a good idea to pick up the blog where I left off.

So, let me back up for a minute.  For those of you new to my blog, I was an out of work IT Director that spent a lot time holding out for the next big Director, VP, CIO type role.  While I did get my shot at a handful of those opportunities, there were only a few positions at that level and competition for them was fierce.  Usually, I lacked the industry specific or software application experience that they wanted.  With hundreds of applicants for each job, companies could afford to be as picky as they wanted.  If they needed someone with PeopleSoft expertise in a Manufacturing environment, there was probably 1 in 100 that had that qualification and if 300 people applied for the job, then they had 3 candidates.  Essentially, they were already a finalist and my qualifications were not considered.  Ultimately, I had to get back to work.

I didn’t land a CIO role, or even an IT Manager role.  During my previous outage I earned my Project Management Professional certification.  I added that PMP official recognition and that began to open a lot more doors.  It also added a whole new avenue for career development for me.  I used that certification to my advantage and took a role as an IT Project Manager with a large manufacturing company to help design, build, test and deploy a new ERP system.  My role was that of the Siebel Sales track lead to manage CRM software.  It was a strong individual contributor role that had no direct reports, which was a deviation from being the head of the department.

The project team I was on deployed CRM to Asia and Europe in the 2 years I was there, but sudden changes to the global economic condition had my employer looking at cutting costs, and hundreds of positions were eliminated, unfortunately, including mine.

My hope in restarting “The Laid Off IT Guy!” blog is to document how to do a much better job at marketing myself, networking to find new job leads and, ultimately, to get myself back to work in a matter of weeks, rather than over a year, and sharing those strategies with YOU.  Please stay tuned and follow along as I start this journey anew.

Let me hear from you.  Whether you’ve been through the layoff cycle one or more times, please share your story with our readers by posting your comments!

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!