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The Laid Off IT Guy! Getting Recommended

I’m a big fan of social networking for job hunters.  I’ve written about the benefits of professional networking sites like LinkedIn (see prior blog posts). They can help provide you (the job hunter) with a larger network of people that might lead to a new job opportunity for you.  One of the great features that I like about LinkedIn is Recommendations.

Recommendations are references.  In traditional interviewing style, you hand your interviewer your Reference sheet at the end of your interview, so that they can call the people that you’ve asked to endorse your work during your job search process.

Fast forward to the 21st century where the desire for instant gratification is immense and the need for information is constant. Your profile on LinkedIn is your online resume and Getting Recommended for your profile is ready-made reference material that prospective employers can research before even meeting you.  How great is it that my references have already spoken about my strong work ethic, technical skills, leadership abilities, etc., to help them make up their mind to interview me?  I think it is great.

I put the URL to my LinkedIn profile at the top of my resume right under my phone number and email address.  I want potential employers to check out my online profile so they know that they’ve got a probable good fit when we get to the interview process.  It saves us both time and does a better job of matching candidates to open job positions.

Let me hear from you.  Are you making the most of your Social Networking experience to enhance your job hunting process?  Please post your comments to share with me and our readers!