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The Laid Off IT Guy! Following Up with Network Contacts

Throughout my article series I’ve shared the many benefits of using networking for a job search.  Most jobs aren’t found on job boards or the newspaper, but by meeting people. Today’s message is about keeping in touch with your network contacts.

Here’s a real scenario.  A friend of yours connects you with his colleague and you meetup for coffee at the local Starbucks to introduce yourself.  Information interviews are all about asking about the industry or the company where the person you are meeting works.  Often times they end up referring you on to someone else that could lead to a job.  These are meaningful conversations.  It may not seem that way at the time you are doing it, but you are establishing yourself and gaining credibility with the people you meet.

I’ve been told in networking conversations that they would be interested in interviewing me if they had any open positions.  Obviously, this is an indication that you may have made a future match.  They do not have anything available right now, but you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not follow up with them at a later point to check in to see if things have changed.

You may hope that they will remember your name and have saved your resume but the truth is it is up to you to take the initiative to follow back up with your network.  You may have left a favorable impression but they are busy with their full-time job.  It is perfectly acceptable to send a thank you note, either by mail or email to thank them for their time for meeting with you.  Then tell them that you will follow up with them in a couple weeks, or a month, to keep in touch. 

Most people who will take the time to meet with you when they don’t have a job they are looking to fill like to help people.  They understand that networking is a part of doing business.  The truth is, companies are ALWAYS looking for good people.  They may not have the green light to bring in any new hires at the point in time when you talk with them, but play your cards right, and reconnect to keep your name top of mind when a new hire requisition does open up.  That is why you follow up with your network contacts.

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The Laid Off IT Guy!