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The Laid Off IT Guy! Bolster Your Experience

A couple of posts ago I shared with you that I’ve been working to bolster my experience, not just sit around idle during my job search.  I believe that a great way to accomplish this is through Continuing Education. 

If you are looking at job qualifications for many IT Positions today you see phrases like “PMP preferred” or even “PMP required.” But what is PMP?

PMP is Project Management Professional.  It is the top project management credentialed certification available from Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).  A visit to their website will layout the details on what it takes to become a PMP.  It starts with a challenging application process, documenting duties from on the job project management experience and concludes with a difficult examination process.

My route to certification was that I attended a PMP course, and read two important PMP books while studying for my certification exam.  See my blog “The Laid Off IT Guy!  Continuing Education” for book titles, links, etc.

I’m proud to tell you that with much effort I was able to pass the exam and get my certification!  I say that if it was so easy that anyone could get it then it wouldn’t be valuable.

I’d encourage all of you to do something during your job search to make you a more valuable candidate then when you left your last position.

Let me hear from you.  Have you got a new certification or considered getting an advanced degree?  Please post your comments to share with our readers!

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