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With today's "connected life" running 24/7, we recognize it's hard to keep up with all your favorite websites and tech resources. The IT List is here to help you cut through the noise. Check back each Friday for a quick digest of articles, resources, events, promotions, and other goodies worth a first or second look on InformIT. 

The IT List: What You Missed This Week on InformIT [12/13/2013]  

1. Hot Deal: The Addison-Wesley Signature Series provides readers with practical and authoritative information on the latest trends in modern technology for computer professionals. The series is based on one simple premise: great books come from great authors. Titles in the series are personally chosen by expert advisors and world-class authors in their own right – Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, and Mike Cohn. 

Hurry, two days left to save 50% off all AW Signature Series eBooks with discount code AWSSEBOOK. Offer ends December 14, 2013. Don’t delay! 

2. Hall of Fame Honors: Each year, Electronic Design editors and readers select six candidates to induct to the Engineering Hall of Fame.  We’re proud to see four programming language pioneers and Pearson authors included in the Class of 2013! Congratulations Brian Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie, Kenneth Thompson, and Bjarne Stroustrup!

3. Hour of Code: We've put together a collection of materials geared for new programmers in support of Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code. Spend some time with these resources and share them with others who are new to programming.

4. SQL Server 2012: Look inside new release Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Unleashed. This free sample chapter introduces the major new features provided in SQL Server 2012 and covers a number of the enhancements to previously available features. Start reading.

Have a great weekend. See you next Friday! 

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