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The Eye-Fi LoJack

By  Jun 9, 2008

Topics: Security

The Eye-Fi is a memory card with embedded wireless technology that allows it to connect up to an 802.11 network and transmit pictures back to a listening computer or website. We did a write up on it a while back that detailed a few ways such a solution could be abused. Ironically, the very same concerns we had actually worked out for the good!

In a story being reported on Yahoo!, a lady had her camera stolen but the bad guys didn't know her camera had an Eye-Fi card in it. So, they took a few pictures of each other with their new toys, not knowing that the card was uploading the pictures via an insecure wireless network to the ladies account.

So, we hereby wish to bring attention one as of yet unlisted 'feature' of the Eye-Fi - digital camera thief capturing ability.

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