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The Best Programming Question and Answer Sites

I spend a lot of time online looking for answers. I spend a lot of time online crowd sourcing various communities for those answers. I spend a lot of time online sifting through the best online community based forums to find how-to tutorials and quick fixes. In this spirit, I present the best question/answer sites for developers, programmers, mobile devs and web hosting professionals.  

Digital Ocean Community Knowledgebase

1. Answers for Web Hosting Professionals

For the longest time, the standard go to for web hosting professionals seeking answers about the best dedicated server solutions, the most powerful VPS hosting firms or the more affordable reseller hosting platform has been Web Hosting Talk. The platform is self-described as "the largest, most influential web and cloud hosting community on the Internet" and for good reason. With more forums, threads, comments, posters and advertisers than anyone could count, the forum platform empowers web hosting professionals and newbs alike with answers to every web hosting question under the sun. Questions and answers run the gambit from virtualization, to data center tech, to configuring hybrid cloud networks and securing dedicated environments. Web Hosting Talk is a great platform yet, if I am being honest, the community knowledgebase platform of Digital Ocean is my go to for everything hosting.

The Digital Ocean community knowledgebase is a mix of branded how-to tutorials, community developer based how-to tutorials, threads explaining speaking to specific issues and a whole host of integration topics covering everything from Linux basics to Django frameworks and web server issues etc. Over the past two years, DO has made it their goal to become not only a solid SSD cloud hosting platform but the premiere destination for web hosting knowledge. It is a great platform.

Stack Overflow

2. Answers for Programmers, Developers and Coders

If you are looking for one of the best question and answer programming communities online, there is no better destination than StackOverflow. Set up much like the up and down vote system used within Reddit, StackOverflow allows developers, programmers and coders to post development centric questions to be answered by the Stackoverflow dev community. The community is smart, very experienced and very dedicated to providing the best possible answer to each question. To get an idea of topics posted, as of 4/2/15 at 11:31 AM, the following are trending questions/topics:

  1. Which HTTP Status Codes to cover for MVC error handling?
  2. On Chrome's mobile emulator, why might content too short to overflow its containing div have shrunken font-size?
  3. Can JPlayer play file from byte array?
  4. Manipulating axis titles in ggpairs (GGally)
  5. Why does LambdaExpression.Compile() work on iOS (Xamarin)?

As you might be able to tell, Stackoverflow is a community for serious developers searching for answers and looking to improve their skills. It is a no-nonsense community which takes great care to police spurious, already asked and non-relevant questions. Bring your A game.


3. Answers and Trends for Programmers, Developers and Coders

I am a Redditor. For my money, if you are a programmer, a mobile dev or a game dev looking for the latest industry trends, news and answers to your burning coding questions, the Reddit community is the place to be. With various communities like Reddit.com/r/programming, Reddit.com/r/gamedev, Reddit.com/r/androiddev and Reddit.com/r/cpp, the Reddit community is filled with forums dedicated to every aspect of programming. The various development subreddits allow developers to learn about industry news, get their questions answered and link up with likewise developers to collaborate on a project.

Be warned though, much like Stackoverflow, Redditors take their programming forums very seriously. Come with your A game or don't come at all.


4. Forking Code and Collaboration Programmers, Developers and Coders

If you are looking to share code, find open source code, collaborate with other developers on ongoing projects, utilize already existing code for a new project or learn how to master efficient coding by standing on the shoulders of giants, GitHub is your destination. More a open source code platform than a question and answer site, GitHub is the largest source of open source code on the Internet. With north of 3 million code repositories, Github is the single largest, single most comprehensive, single most development oriented website on the net. For the active programmer, no site is better.

There you have it. Some of the best sites to answer all your programming questions. While I only mentioned four, there are a ton more. Feel free to leave your go to development forum in the comments.

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