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The Best New Android Games of 2015

So, you have an Android device? Excellent. Here is a list of the best new Android games for 2015.

TwoDots. Android Gaming.

1. Dots and TwoDots

Back to basics. Dots and TwoDots prove simple is sometimes the best path. Both versions of the game offer a clean, almost spartan interface, matched with a simple objective: link likewise colored dots to one another to build personal best scores or to beat progressively harder levels. The simple nature of both games matched with its puzzle minded game engine makes for a great mobile gaming experience.

Price: Free; Dots

Monument Valley. Android Gaming.

2. Monument Valley

Beautiful Visual Puzzles. Without question, Monument Valley is currently my favorite mobile game. While you might have seen it on House of Cards, this visually beautiful 3D game which utilizes M.C. Escher like architectures, is as much about deciphering visual puzzles as it is conveying mobile gaming art. Like most puzzle games, each successive level becomes harder and harder, luckily, there are only 10 levels. Recommended for larger Android devices.

Price: $3.99 USD; Monument Valley

Thomas Was Alone. Android Gaming.

3. Thomas Was Alone

Atmospheric. Much like the multi-platform darkly insane horror game experience Limbo, Thomas Was Alone is an atmospheric heavy gaming experience designed to move the user through a highly tonal abstract art world. The game isn't scary and it won't make you jump like Limbo but it is certainly worth your attention.

Price: $5.99 USD; Thomas Was Alone

Tiny Thief. Android Gaming.

4. Tiny Thief

Fun. Playful. Endearing. Tiny Thief is a puzzle game in the same sense that Metal Gear Solid is a puzzle game. That is, move silently and don't get caught. The game play is light, the boards are fresh and colorful and the tone is humorously sneaky. Great game for mobile devices.

Price: Free up to 15 levels; Tiny Thief

Flight Control. Android Gaming.

5. Flight Control

Don't Crash. Flight Control is what it looks like - a 2D flight controller simulator built for mobile touch devices. The basic concept of the game is simple - guide multiple flying crafts into and out of a busy airport/landing strip without facilitating any collisions. The game is perfect for top down touch based mobile devices. Recommended for larger Android devices.

Price: $0.99 USD; Flight Control

PewPew. Android Gaming.

Honorable Mention: PewPew

Asteroid on Steroids. That's all you need to know. PewPew is Asteroid, the classic Asteroid, on steroids. Wonderfully addictive, dead simple, great fun. The game has wonderfully odd playing modes, great 2D visual coloring and purpose built touch controls. Asteroid on steroids.

Price: Free; PewPew

There you have it, some of the best Android games for 2015. Happy gaming.

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