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Technology Innovation

By  Nov 7, 2007

Topics: Computer Science, Programming, Java

What's the next big innovation in programming technology? Join me for a discussion on what you think will be the next big thing to hit our development horizon.

We've had our wave of Web frameworks, Inversion of Control with the likes of Spring and AspectJ, and our move to Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using technologies like AJAX, Flex, Silverlight, and the up-and-coming JavaFX. We've seen data persistence technologies like Hibernate and Toplink, caching solutions like Coherence, and various Grid technologies, both data and computational. We've seen interoperability of disparate systems accomplished with Web Services and business rule processing engines model business functionality.

So now my question to you is: what is going to change the world of programming? What is going to allow us to solve the next generation of problems, that we may not even have thought of yet?

I'll reply to this thread with some of my thoughts, but I'd like this to be an open discussion. Don't be shy!


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