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Sometimes it's more than the data

By  Sep 7, 2007

Topics: SQL Server, Data

I'm very passionate about the database role in technology. As DBA's and Database Developers, we are the backbone of most applications. In some way, some how, most every application stores and retrieves data, so our part of the equation is pretty important.

Other parts of the application are important as well, such as User Interface, Transport Layers, Security and more.

But I think there is another part of the application that is often overlooked: architecting. I've been a technology architect in the past, and most people, even those in my own department, didn't quite understand what the role was. I define a technical architect as someone who looks at the system as a whole, and decides if the app is useful, should be changed, should be bought or written, or even if the organization already has it.

So I thought I'd share this link as well. This is a Microsoft blog about a developer who is putting together "mashups" that use the tech that's already out there in new ways. This should get your creative juices flowing: http://blogs.msdn.com/robburke/archive/2007/03/26/windows-live-for-developers-the-good-the-intriguing-the-way-to-get-started.aspx

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