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John wonders what to do with yesterday's dreams and how to implement Green IT at home

I've joined my company's Green IT group.  We plan on cutting power consumption and thereby lower CO2 emissions.  There are a lot of bright minds involved and I'm honored to be asked. 

But what about taking these ideas home?  I've got lots of old interface cards, a few floppy drives, old PC's, and even an Apple ][e with lots of software.

Those old ISA cards may just leach into the landfill and ground water.  MP3 players with sealed bodies have batteries that die yet are not easily recycled.  Think about all the electronic cruft in your household?

Virtualization lets me run fewer physical machines yet run more operating systems and networks simultaneously. 

We in IT need to figure neat ways to dispose of our used hardware in ecologically friendly ways.  And there's no great place to start than our own homes.

Let me know what you're doing to manage your home IT departments in responsible ways.

jt, "Have you hugged your trees today?"

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