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Of T-Shirts, Thought-Partners, and the Starship Enterprise

My second favorite workout shirt is only a few days older than this site, and it says:

“Your brain is hungry. Inform – IT.” 

That was the tagline, the promise, way back when, when IT “portals” were launching faster than download times. The t-shirt is almost unsightly now, stretched, ripped, yellowed, or browned, depending on the quality of light. That promise seems, to me, as also being yellowed, stretched, maybe to the point of ripping. It has spreading holes in it.  The mindset is a little pitted-out.

Those were the passive days, when InformIT launched. Those were the days when editors guessed about what the next critical topic would be, threw the IChing to determine what code to post, what emerging languages and tools to cover, days in which we generally took “feedback,” discussed it in conference rooms, and looked forward to the next, budget-driven, site upgrade.

Today is different. I’m thinking that your brain is still hungry, but that you have it on a very different diet. We’re thinking that you want to drive your own discussions, determine your own professional calendar, and that we’re here to help you network, trade tactics, and develop your own approach to projects and career paths. We might not personally know the answers to your questions, but we, and you, know an awful lot of people who do. We want to put you in-touch with them, and we want to be in-touch with you.

So take a look around -- you will still find timely, skill-focused, articles and guides about today’s most important IT concerns. Better yet, you will find bloggers, podcasters, video trainers, and book authors -- thought-partners all -- who are willing to share what they know, and want you to do the same. Consider this your online conference room, or hallway, and use it accordingly. A willing thought-partner is a terrible thing to waste, and the best minds in our business will be roaming these hallways.

Your brain is hungry. Teach and be taught. And tell us what you need. We’ll handle the rest.

And yes, I know that I look like Charlie Brown in that picture on the homepage. Trust me, the others were worse. They made me look like William Shatner, more TJ Hooker than Captain Kirk. But that’s the beauty of sharing, I guess. New t-shirts to follow.